Bathmate Penis Pump Is Stellar Success

If you’ve ever attended a Bathmate product training session, you’ll know the team’s familiar tagline: “It’s like taking your penis to the gym!” The Bathmate penis pump, which, in a rather unscientific explanation uses water and suction to create and enhance erections, is a workout that actually works.

At Bathmate, we are very fortunate to have something unique, a product that is protected by design registration, patents, copyright and trademark.

We’ve all heard the hype from novelty pump makers, but Team Bathmate doesn’t need any hot-air marketing schemes to sell their top-quality penis enhancers. So just how can a little water actually enlarge and lengthen your member with lasting results? Bathmate Brand Manager Tim Brown tells the story of how one man’s one-off invention turned into the only pleasure product that can live up to the world’s most (in)famous claim.

“To be unique in any industry is very difficult indeed, as there are a lot of very clever people trying to invent the next big thing or the next must-have item,” explains Brown. “At Bathmate, we are very fortunate to have something unique, a product that is protected by design registration, patents, copyright and trademark.”

For a product genre that generally cries wolf, the Bathmate’s conception was fascinatingly more scientific than sexy. Creator John Oakes, a specialist in hydraulic engineering, couldn’t help but put his inventor’s brain to work to aid a close friend after a serious spinal injury in 2006. John’s recently injured pal found himself unable to get or maintain an erection, and what are good, inventor friends for, if not to come to your aid when your sex life is in jeopardy.

Oakes found traditional penis pumps inferior for anything except sheer novelty. According to Brown, Oakes explained that “ hydraulic pressure is uniform and even, unlike air, which when pressurized become spongy and inconsistent.”

The Bathmate instead uses water, which creates the kind of consistent pressure needed to create real, lasting results. Oakes’ specialized water pump proved to be a smashing success with his erection-inhibited friend, and that same year, he decided to see what the market would have to say about his answer to a human concern about as old as sex itself.

At Brown’s first vendor-buyer event, “we presented the product to around 40 of the world’s biggest adult toy buyers, and to say they liked the product was an understatement. We received orders from 99 percent participants from the show!”

By 2010, the original pump saw several new editions and redesigns, including the Hydromax X 30, a water pump fitted with a new bellow design made with state-of-the-art elastomer. According to Brown, the Hydromax X 30 performs at the maximum negative vacuum pressure allowed by medical authorities, making it the most powerful yet safest penis pump on the market.

Come 2013, Bathmate was running at full force and pumping out innovative products almost as fast as consumers could pump up their penises. The company introduced more diversity and size options into their brand ranges, like the Xtreme series of pumps with new valves, detachable handballs, and loads of accessories for advanced users who are serious about their wiener workouts. In the U.K., Bathmate also introduced a sister brand into the medical industry called VaxAid, which can be obtained with a doctor’s prescription for treatment of erectile dysfunction.

With three major brands under their belt — the original Bathmate, Hydromax and Xtreme — and stellar sales of 20,000 pumps per month sold in more than 90 countries, you’d have to assume this thing actually works. But if you’ve ever tried a penis pump of the novelty sort, skepticism is understandable. Sit through just one of Brown’s product demos, however, and you’ll find yourself surprisingly amazed.

“When I’m training store staff, I talk about using a Bathmate to treat erectile dysfunction and also as post-surgery recovery device,” explains Brown. “ED has two causes, the psychological and the physical, and the Bathmate pump deals with both.”

These water and pressure-powered pumps draw blood into the penis in a consistent, even manner. The pressure opens the capillaries, allowing fresh, nutrient-rich blood to reach the spongy erectile tissues of the penis, which also repairs any tissue damage that might exist. Over a period of anywhere from a few weeks to six months, most men see an increase of around one to three inches in length and a 30 percent increase in girth.

Just like going to the gym, you’ve got to keep up your wang workout if you want to continue to see results, but this is one exercise routine most guys won’t mind. There’s nothing like watching yourself actively get an erection to boost your bedroom confidence, which brings Brown to the second half of Bathmate’s effective strategy.

“By using the device, the patient can actually see the erection formed in the vessel,” explains Brown of Bathmate’s added psychological effect. “This helps the patient appreciate he is still able to get erect, be it with a little help.”

Though it’s not always easy to admit, the key to pumping success is start right where you are, and for some customers, that means acknowledging your dissatisfaction with what you’re currently packing. Bathmate’s Hydromax X series features different pump lengths, which led to a humorous reality check for one trade show buyer and his cheeky partner.

“One of the buyers attended a show with his partner, where we presented the Hydromax X30 and X40, two different size pumps, with the X30 being the smaller,” recalls Brown. “The buyer asked if he could have a free Bathmate. I of course said yes, and then asked, ‘ Which one would you like?’” He said, “‘I’ll need the X40.’” His partner then interjected, ‘No you won’t, you’ll need the X30! Or is there a smaller one than that?’”

As Bathmate goes long and hard into next year, they’ve amped up their team with a few industry veteran recruits and lots of new penis-growing tricks up their sleeves. But as for their most anticipated and unveiled development yet? “Our first female product,” says Brown. “We are naturally very excited by this.”

If you still can’t manage to fulfill those New Year’s resolutions to drag yourself to the gym, fret not. The Bathmate brings the workout to your shower, and it sounds a lot more fun than staring at your phone while sitting on a stationary bike.

“We have loads of new products under development, which are fantastic,” concludes Brown. “I’ve tried them and let me say wow, just wow! All in all, Bathmate has a very exciting year ahead.”

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