Is Voice Activation the Next Big Sex Toy Trend?

voice activated sex toy.
In recent years there have been so many technological advances and new developments that one might start to wonder, is there anything the sex toy industry hasn’t thought of yet? Any undiscovered territory? Any new frontiers? Then along comes some exciting tech that changes the way we engage with our toys, delivering not only pleasure but also other important benefits. I’m talking about voice activation, something we’ve seen in a number of non-pleasure products, finally entering the adult market.

Voice-activation technology is relatively new and rapidly evolving. It represents a leap forward in terms of sex toy accessibility and offers users a fun new way to interact with themselves or their partners. We’re going to take a look at voice-activated toy technology and see the ways this fast-growing toy category can benefit you.

What are Voice-Activated Toys?

As the name suggests, voice-activated sex toys are products that can be controlled with one’s voice. For examples, a new line of vibrators feature wireless remotes that are equipped with microphones that convert vocal tones into vibration; users can control their sex toys via the remote control’s push buttons or opt for a hands-free experience using just their voices.

A voice-activated toy can be a good choice for solo play because it makes it easy to change settings without reaching or fumbling for buttons. Voice-activated toys are really appealing for couples because they allow partners to control each other’s toys using only their voices, which can enhance the experience by adding auditory stimulation to the mix!

The Emergence of Voice-Activated Toys

This technology is still quite new. The industry has seen several toys that can be controlled by sound, typically via music, but using the technology for voice control is something that consumers are still learning about. The evolution of voice activation technology has now brought us remote controls equipped with microphones that can transform a lover’s voice into powerful vibration from up to 25 feet away.

How Voice-Activated Toys Can Benefit You

1. Truly hands-free use! As much as we love remote control toys, folks with arthritis or other issues that impact range of motion, grip, or dexterity may find them a bit tricky to use. Voice activation takes hands out of the equation! Of course, folks who don’t have physical limitations also benefit from hands-free toys because they doesn’t require them to use lubed-up fingers to press buttons when they want to change speed or function.

2. Take teasing to a whole new level! Shoppers have long loved toys that allowed one partner to control the other’s pleasure experience. Adding voice control to the equation can make for some over-the-top sexy couples play.

3. Put that sexy voice to work! There’s something uniquely intimate about the idea of stimulating a partner using only one’s voice. With a voice-activated toy, users can feel their partner’s voice inside their body, making for sexy stimulation like no other.

Introducing the Wonder of Voice-Activated Toys

So, how do you know if a voice-activated toy is right for you? While voice-activated toys have the potential to appeal to anyone and everyone, there are some who may be most interested in trying them out:

1. Couples’ toy: Voice-activated toys are excellent for solo play, but they will definitely appeal to users looking for something new and cool to add to their couples toy collection. Make sure to highlight how these toys let them stimulate their partner with their voice.

2. Folks with mobility or dexterity challenges: people who mention having difficulty with buttons or challenges with maneuvering heavy toys will definitely want to know how voice-activated toys can give their hands and wrists a break.

3. Toy and gadget enthusiasts: Some folks love being on the cutting edge and having the newest, most advanced gadgets. Make sure you know about this technological leap in pleasure products so no one misses out on the chance to try the hottest new thing.

Voice activation is still a new technology in the market and we expect it to be a fast-growing category that appeals to a range of people, from folks with dexterity needs to couples seeking new and exciting sex toy options. 


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